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Technology Integration

STW Resources Holding Corp is an integrated provider of water management and oilfield services including consulting services, water processing/reclamation and remediation services to a variety of complex oil and gas produced and flowback water, brackish water, ocean water desalination, industrial, and municipal applications.

As an independent solutions provider, STW utilizes proven technologies from various well-known manufacturers, its own designed water processing systems, as well as technologies that it holds exclusive licenses to, which are available as fixed or mobile units with varying capabilities.  STW's processes ensure that the most effective and efficient technologies are implemented. 

STW regularly tests the efficacy of water processing technologies.  From these assessments, STW has cultivated various technological advancements in its water reclamation services.  The company has designed its own robust, hybrid Reverse Osmosis system with a high recovery rate of 85+% fresh water.  STW is the exclusive licensed technology integrator and manufacturer in the United States to implement the proven desalination process from Netherlands-based firm, Salttech.  In addition, STW is currently exploring an innovative “toilet-to-tap” water purification program.  Technology Integration is a key component of the company’s overall design. 

Through its subsidiaries, STW offers the following services:

  • Water Processing and Reclamation Services (Ocean Water Desalination, Brackish Water desalination, Oil & Gas Flowback and Produced Water Processing
  • Drilling Rig and Tank Bottom Cleaning
  • Roustabout Services
  • Oil, Gas, and Water Pipeline Maintenance & Construction 

Water Conservation and Reclamation Services

STW Water is an advanced water treatment solutions provider of environmentally conscious methods to process, reclaim, recover and re-use water. 

STW Water, a specialist water treatment company based in Midland, Texas, has an ongoing commitment to developing and supporting leading-edge technologies. It has co-developed and designed some of the most cost effective and robust desalination systems for the world’s most demanding applications, which require freshwater from highly impaired saline water sources.  STW Water’s technology product line offers a number of solutions that help address and manage global water scarcity issues, either by using saline water sources instead of freshwater sources or by recycling wastewater—including oil & gas produced waters. Our targeted markets are in the industrial, municipal and energy related applications.  Our Design, Build, Own, and Operate (No equipment capital expense to our Customers) model provides our customers with the perfect and most efficient design to meet their needs.  


City of Fort Stockton RO - 1 Million Gallon/Day System (BJJA)


  •   Ocean Water Desalination

  •   Processing/Desalinating Brackish Water for   municipal use, industrial use, and/or drilling and frack water use

  •   Municipalities and Private Water Providers

  •   Processing/Desalinating brackish water for human consumption, agricultural and public use (golf courses,     etc.)

  •   Treating municipal waste water

  •   Oil and Gas Producers

  •   Recycling of oil & gas shale hydro-fracturing flowback

  •   Processing produced water


Brackish Water Processing

Texas struggles with the problem of a dwindling supply of fresh water; however, an abundance of brackish water resources exist. These sources are often much closer to drilling operations, thus reducing trucking costs.

As an independent solutions provider, STW Water strives to complement our reclamation services with proven environmentally friendly technologies; in some cases having no waste discharge, no use of chemicals, and the use of solar power energy.  Our team of professionals work with various engineering firms and manufacturers to provide the best solutions for our customers. After analyzing hundreds of water samples from several brackish aquifers in Texas, STW has a proprietary system that can process any quantity of brackish water daily at a cost that is competitive with fresh water prices currently charged to oil and gas operators. The use of reclaimed brackish water is both economical and environmentally friendly, conserving the limited supplies of fresh water for municipal and agriculture use.

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STW Energy Services

STW Energy, LLC provides removal of oil and diesel residue on drilling rigs to meet environmental regulations prior to transit over private roads, public roads, and highways. The process utilizes a concentrated environmentally friendly biodegradable degreaser and heated pressure washing equipment to remove oil and diesel residue on the drilling rig, and specialized Hydrovac/SuperSucker equipment to transfer the captured wash-off from the rig cellar to a roll-off trailer for transportation.

STW Energy’s wide-ranging experience provides capability in construction of roads, drill sites, & ponds and handling of drilling waste products. STW Energy employs experienced rig wash supervisor, salespeople, and experienced crews. Our qualified laborers have many years of experience in the oil patch, and our supervisor and salespeople have particular oil patch knowledge in the Permian and Delaware Basins of West Texas, Eastern New Mexico, and in the Eagle Ford of South Texas.

Expertise & Differentiators

  • Experienced and entrepreneurial management 
  • Unique, high quality and efficient process
  • Highly trained, insured workforce
  • Newest technology; mobile units
  • All inclusive capabilities
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STW Pipeline Maintenance & Construction

pipeline-construction.jpgSTW Pipeline Maintenance & Construction offers a wide a range of pipeline-related services, including: 

  • Construction of new poly and steel pipeline for oil, gas, and/or water service
  • Leak repair crews to help combat decaying pipelines in all major production areas. 

We use top of the line equipment: poly-fusion machines that are capable of fusing 3 inch to 24 inch pipe, as well as all of the equipment to ditch and lay all types of pipeline. Each of our employees has 10+ years experience in the pipeline construction & maintenance industry. Our supervisor and salespeople have particular oil patch knowledge in the Permian and Delaware Basins of West Texas, Eastern New Mexico, and the Eagle Ford of South Texas.

Permian Basin pipeline infrastructure consists of thousands of miles of steel and poly pipeline installed over the past few decades, along with thousands of miles per year of new service pipelines added due to greatly increased production resulting from the use of fracking. Over half of the aging pipelines have countless leaks causing huge gas losses for midstream companies. Our goal is to provide the best service to mitigate these issues.

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